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My credo:
Logical Impulsion: [ loj-ik-el em-pole-shun] > The act of carefully being impulsive. It sounds difficult to do but in reality, it leads you to a path of a happier and even balanced life. Although, most of you may enjoy being unlogically wreckless and I honestly have no problem with this. I do not believe we all have to follow one way to true happiness but rather we find paths that reflect what makes us glow from the inside out. I won't tell you to drop your religious beliefs in search of your own personal "logical impuslion" but I would like you to take a moment and question everything you know and love and then question why you know it and why you love it. I'm a self proclaimed journalist, artist and musician. According to my astrology books, I hold myself above the laws of society, and this is true. I won't deny it.



I am a 24 year old who might be polyamourous. I flirt (I think) with a former professor. I’m becoming a psychologist. I am an artist. And I’ve been in a significant companionship with the same person for 8 years and counting.

I’ve dated my second cousin and I’m obsessed with body language who semantics.

Photography is my main form of documentation and I really can’t get enough of what I do.

I’ll be leaving more about this here.



The former imperial capital of Hue sits just below what was once the DMZ between North and South Vietnam and was, near the end of the war, the site of some its fiercest fighting. You’ve seen it in newsreel footage—and recreated (in England) in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”.

It’s one…